How do the Interactive Giant Maps work?

Once your Interactive Giant Map is created, we can present it in a variety of contexts according to your needs. The preparation of the materials, including the MGI, is carried out in approximately two hours. The Giant Map is installed in the chosen location and the dynamization activities take place there. The procedure of interaction with the MGI can be summarized in the following steps:

Different codes and markers contain multimedia information that can be edited at any time.

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Users also share their experience on social networks creating a unique experience.

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Social and virtual interactivity. Education and Entertainment.


MGI Portátiles

MGI Portables

We can create Giant Maps of any size. From 30m2 upwards, they offer the impact we are always looking for. There is no limit to the maximum, we could even create experiences of 800m2! Why not?

The most common size so far is 220m2. This experience is presented in public squares, convention centers, educational centers, avenues, etc. They are prepared for any weather conditions. Promotional tours can be carried out with the same material, easily transportable. We can create experiences that can be installed and uninstalled in less than 2 hours.

Que es un mapa interactivo

Fixed MGI

Interactive Giant Map is installed for your enjoyment every day of the year. The experience will be part of the floor and all the interactivity updated as often as desired.

We have several options of supports and materials of the highest quality and durability. The size will be adapted to each space.

MGI Semifijos

MGI Semi-permanent

This is a hybrid version between the two previous versions. It is ideal for creating experiences that last 4 days or more but are not going to remain on site continuously.

It comes in a semi-rigid material ideal for shopping malls, fairs, congresses, traveling venues, etc.

MGI Murales

MGI Murals

Unlike the previous versions, this is an experience that can be placed vertically on any type of wall, wall or other support.

Generally, they usually have up to 2.5m high by 4m. long. In the same way, we can offer them in different supports, all of them of the highest quality and versatility.

Infinitas adaptacionesInfinite adaptations

We have offered solutions for the following areas


  • We offer a pedagogical tool that has been awarded for its innovative character.
  • Fully adapted to the new legislative parameters, such as the LOMLOE.
  • We apply new technologies.
  • We create Learning Situations, many focused on STEAM.
  • We generate a didactic guide for each gigantography.
  • In line with the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • The materials we create are a perfect hybrid between analog/physical tools and digital solutions.
  • Fieles al learning by doing.

Business and brands

  • We create roadshows to present products and services.
  • We turn your brand into a lovemark.
  • We associate your products and services with universal values to achieve a natural connection with the public.
  • We help to detect and communicate the most sustainable aspects of your product and service.
  • We optimize to the maximum the ratio of impact created/budget used.
  • We carry out teambuilding actions.


  • We project any cultural event to a level never seen before by creating a participatory and exciting experience on that element.
  • We turn the celebration of an ephemeris or an anniversary into a real event that transcends in the street and in the media.
  • Focused on the creation of new audiences.
  • We democratize access to cultural products and bring them closer to the general public.
  • We use new technologies to involve the attendees as true protagonists of the campaign, not as spectators.

Smart Tourism

  • We help you to give the most innovative and technological approach to your tourism product/offer.
  • We communicate the competitive advantages of your offer by focusing on highlighting what makes you unique.
  • We contribute to strengthen the tourism industry of the territory through the most innovative work on the social self-esteem of the sector and its training.
  • We provide specific technological solutions to achieve your goals as a smart destination.
  • We transfer all the elements of sustainability that you already have and help you create new ones.
  • We assume a successful solution to reconcile the interests of the resident community and those of the tourism industry.

Smart cities

  • We help to communicate all the advances that have been developed in a city in its process to become a smartcity.
  • We carry out the much needed "pedagogy to the general public" to convey the benefits of being a smartcity to citizens.
  • We are part of the consolidation process of a smartcity, providing technologies such as beacons, Augmented Reality, proximity sensors, artificial intelligence, etc.
  • We generate high impact to strengthen the branding of already created networks of smartcities.

Interactive Experience

Virtual is no longer an option but an obligation in many sectors. We see “virtual” as another tool to intervene in the world around us, to improve our spaces and our relationships with others. In areas such as education, culture, tourism, engineering, group organization, work processes, etc., “the virtual” is experiencing a growing trend. “virtual” is experiencing unstoppable growth.

For this reason, in addition to campaigns with a more physical, analog component, we offer solutions that involve creating experiences in this inescapable playground nowadays.

We can create spectacular immersive experiences in these virtual environments, which at breakneck speed are creating what we all identify as METAVERSO.

We create virtual participatory experiences

Creamos todo tipo de experiencias virtuales para crear un recuerdo memorable en tu comunidad o posibles clientes. Se pueden ubicar en la sede de la entidad, en un centro cultural, centro educativo, área comercial, etc. Algunos ejemplos de temáticas que se pueden abordar son:

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Virtual museums and galleries

Full service

We take care of all phases of the process so that our customers do not have to worry about anything.

Design, Research and Programming

Production of Physical and Digital Material

Broadcasting and Media Campaign

Dynamisation of the event

Dynamisation in City Networks

Sponsorship and Collaboration


We offer strategic consulting services to obtain the following benefits


As branding specialists, we make our living creating and telling stories. We collect data from the voice of the customer, from employees, build brands, define visions, publish campaigns, show results and design experiences, because they are all stories.
Often, without being aware of it, we create, tell and participate in stories on a daily basis and influence others through them. We have the power to change the narrative of the world.

Movement Building

Now we are not talking about customers, now many brands and public and private organizations aspire to create a trend, to be leaders of a movement that has a clear direction. We propose a practical framework that will help your team or your organization to design and build a social movement through a long-term strategy to achieve maximum impact.

Community Engagement

Another of the great objectives of any entity towards its users and/or beneficiaries. We offer guaranteed success tools to create a stable community and build productive relationships for both sides. Understanding how communities feel is the only way to an enjoyable relationship for all.

Organizational Ikigai

Do you know this Japanese concept that is getting so much attention? It could be translated as “the reason for being”, the reason why your organization works, the true essence of your role in the world. A revolutionary way to focus as an entity, as a territory, on what is truly important and to make a place for yourself in the complexity that surrounds us.

Team Building

The experiences we offer are ideal for teamwork, to generate group connection and a sense of belonging to a common goal. We can develop this service for employees of an organization, as well as for members of networks of cities and/or municipalities in a territory or country.

Territory Branding

For some years now, the need has been established for each municipality or city, regardless of size, to have a well-defined brand. It is an essential parameter to be eligible for grants, subsidies, development programs, etc. as access to such aid is becoming more and more competitive. We help any municipality to create its territory brand.

Creation or Restyling of Products and Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What size are the Giant Interactive Maps?

The size of the Giant Interactive Maps (GIM) can be adapted to any requirement. It is one of the most flexible elements of our service. There is no specific limit to the size of the MGI. We have made MGI from 30 m2 to 250 m2. We adapt to the size or sizes you need.

In approximately how many days could our Interactive Giant Map be ready?

Approximately 45 to 60 days from the time the contract is signed. On occasions we have had to take on the challenge of delivering a Giant Interactive Map in 30 days and we have delivered it in perfect condition. Delivery time will depend on the complexity of the material requested and the availability of the required information.

Can the multimedia information displayed on our Interactive Giant Map be combined?

Yes, at all times. The editability of any multimedia element, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, is one of the main features of MGI. Any digital marker can be modified, enriched, deleted, etc. at the desired time. Our MGI team can do it or there is also the possibility of delivering to the client the online panel where the changes can be made.

What activities can be carried out at a Giant Interactive Map event?

We have also adapted this section to the needs of each case. We have a battery of games, competitions, gymkhanas, raffles, etc. that are part of the activities involved in the dynamisation. These activities can be defined in previous conversations with each client.

Are the Giant Interactive Maps prepared for unforeseen weather events?

Yes, the material from which each MGI is made offers the highest performance in terms of safety and durability. Weather conditions such as rain or wind are no problem for MGIs. The Giant Interactive Maps can be washed in a standard procedure and are as good as new.

What would be the theme of my Interactive Giant Map?

In defining the theme of each MGI, we will adapt to the needs of the client. In the MGI, the emphasis can be placed on practically all aspects that concern any city, territory, country, etc. The result can be an MGI with a cultural, touristic, gastronomic, business, literary, social, etc. character. The themes can also be combined and for this we use the appropriate type of caption.

What information do we need to provide in order to have our Interactive Giant Map?

All the characteristics of the MGI to be delivered are defined in discussions with the client. They should provide the specific information they consider necessary to include in the MGI, especially when this information is not publicly available on the internet. In many of the above cases, the information contained in the MGI is created from digital materials available online.

How do we receive our Interactive Giant Map?

The service we offer includes travel to the place where the presentation of the material will take place. Generally, this place coincides with the city that hosts the first dynamic event and/or where a route of events with MGI begins.

How many multimedia elements can our Interactive Giant Map have?

The number usually depends on the size of the MGI. As a reference we can indicate this data in some of the previous cases. In 30 m2 we have placed around 40 multimedia components; in 150 m2 we have placed around 70 markers; in 240 m2 we have placed up to 130 interactive codes and markers.

¿Qué dispositivos necesitan tener los usuarios para disfrutar de nuestro Mapa Gigante Interactivo?

Existen varias opciones para acceder a los componentes interactivos del MGI. Éstas pueden ir desde lo más básico, como es usar los dispositivos móviles como smartphones. También se pueden utilizar tablets que nuestro equipo facilitará a los participantes. También se pueden usar gafas de Realidad Virtual y, si el servicio es contratado, se pueden utilizar unas gafas de última generación para el visionado de Realidad Mixta, como se indica en la sección de tecnología de esta web.