Technology that provides interaction
For the Giant Interactive Maps we use cutting edge technology in the communication, entertainment and promotion areas. These are a few examples of technology used on our GIM’s:

_QR Code and other Graphic Markers

The Giant Interactive Map can use QR codes that refer to multimedia material that have been programmed previously to work with these codes. The codes can be updated and edited at any given moment to assure that the information used is new and up to date.

360º Videos

Apart from promotional videos that we mentioned earlier, we can also include a 360º video of any location or space that is indicated. This material can be part of the GIM experience or it can be used for independent reasons.


The GIM are a way to surprise and impress your clients with cutting edge technology. Apart from the options already stated, we can also add interaction with ultraHD screens, bluetooth systems, apps creation for specific projects and captivating designs for mixed reality.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality lets us see buildings and landscapes with holographic vision in 3 dimensions. It’s a key component, that differentiates our Giant Interactive Maps.

The Augmented Reality offers a truly unique experience. The participants will feel like they’re walking on a map with all sorts of 3D buildings. There’s no limit to the designs we can achieve with the GIM, it just depends on your objectives. Here are some of the options:


  • Monuments
  • Footbal pitches
  • Hotel resorts
  • Institutional Buildings
  • Natural Landscapes


… and anything that can be digitilized!

Virtual Reality

The use and development of VR has been growing exponentially in the last few years. This technology plus our GIM offers a truly unique and surrounding experience.

The participants, situated over the area they want to discover, feel like they’re really there for a few minutes. Feel the emotion and immersion of feeling a truly virtual reality that offers a full integrated experience, travel through different continents without moving and learn cultura and social aspects and more with the Giant Interactive Map.

The specific themes that want to be enfasized, the geographic components, the maps style, the design, etc. can all be modified. Some of the specific themes we’ve worked with in the past are these:






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