Logistic Objectives

Portable Version for Exteriors

The average dimentions go from 100 to 250 m2. They’re presented in public squares, conventions, avenues, etc. They’re well suited for any meteorological condition. We can do promotional tours with the same material, as it’s easily moved. It can be intalled and uninstalled in just a few hours.

Fixed Version for Interiors

The dimensions will depend on the space that wants to be filled. The Giant Interactive Map will be fixed so you can enjoy it at any moment you may need it. This version is great for schools and other educational centers.

Portable Version for Interiors

The dimensions can also be adapted to any given space. It’s made with semi-rigid material perfect for commercial centers, schools or universities, fairs or entity headquarters, etc. The installation lasts just a few hours.

Unlimited Adaptations

We’ve offered solutions for the following areas





How do the Giant Interactive Maps work?

Once your Giant Interactive Map has been created, we can present it in all different contexts depending on what you need. The preparation of the materials, including the GIM, is done in about two hours. The Giant Map will be installed in the chosen place and the dynamization activities will be done here. The interaction procedure with the GIM’s can be summarized in the following steps:
Different codes and markers contain multimedia information that can be edited at any moment.
While walking on the Map, the participants can use their mobiles devices to get access to the interactive components.
The participants share their experience on social medial creating a unique experience.
Interactive both Socially and Virtually. Education and Entertainment.

Complete Service

We handle all of the phases of the process so that our clients don’t have to worry about a thing.

Design, Investigation and Programming

Creation of the Physical and Digital Material

Broadcasting and Media Campaigns


Dynamization of the Event

Dynamization of the Net of Cities

Sponsors and Collaborations

What size are the giant interactive maps?
The size of the giant interactive maps (GIM) can be adapted to any size requirement. It’s one of the most flexible features of our service. There’s no size limit applied to the maps. We’ve designed GIM’s from 30m2 to 250 m2. We’re able to adapt to the size or sizes that you need.
How many days will it take for my Giant Interactive Map to be ready?
It will take approximately from 45 to 60 days from the moment the contract is signed. A few times we’ve had to have the map ready within just 30 days and we were able to deliver it in perfect condition. The time it takes to be delivered will depend on the complexity of the material required and the availability of the information needed.
Who's in charge of installing and setting up the Giant Interactive Map?
The Giant Interactive Map team is in charge of the whole process from the design to the setting up of the programmed events. We offer a complete service.
Can the information on our Giant Interactive Map be combined?
Yes, at any moment. The editibility of any multimedia element, be it Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality, it’s one of the main characteristics of the GIM.
Any digital marker can be modified, enhanced, eliminated, etc. in the required moment. Our GIM team can do it or there’s also the possibility of giving the client the online control panel where the changes can be made.
What activities can I do with my Giant Interactive Map at events?
This section has also been adapted many times to the clients necessities in each individual case. There’s a selection of games, comptetitions, raffles, etc. that intervene in the actual activities. These activities can be discussed beforehand with the clients.
Will the Giant Interactive Maps be able to endure unexpected meteorological changes?
Yes, the material that the maps are made with offers the highest security and durability. Meteorological elements like rain or wind aren’t a problem for the GIM. The map can be cleaned with a normal procedure and go back to being as clean as the first day with no trouble.
What would the theme be for my Giant Interactive Map?
To define the theme for the GIM we’ll completely adapt to the client. We can emphasize basically any aspect of a city, territory, country, etc. The result can be a GIM with a cultural, touristic, gastronomical, business oriented, literary or social theme and many more. The themes can also be combined and for these options we use the correct style of legend.
What information do I need to provide in order to purchase a GFiant Interactive Map?
All of the aspects of the GIM are discussed with the client. The client will have to provide the specific information that they consider important and want included in the map, moreso when the information is not of public domain and can’t be found online. In most cases, the maps are made from information found online.
How will we receive our Giant Interactive Map?
With the service that we provide we include the deployment to the address of the presentation of the material. Usually, the presentation is done in the first city on the list of events with the GIM.
How many multimedia elements can our Giant Interactive Map have?
The number usually depends on the size of the map. As a reference we can use some of the sizes we’ve done in the past. For 30 m2 maps we’ve been able to include 40 multimedia elements; for 150 m2 we’re able to include 70 multimedia elements; 240 m2 gives us up until 130 elements.
What devices do I need to enjoy the Giant Interactive Map?
There are various options to access the interactive components of the GIM. These go from very basic options, like using them from a smartphone. They can also be used with tablets that our team will provide. It’s also possible to use VR glasses and, if the client wants the service, mixed reality glasses can be purchased, as we indicate in the technology of this website.


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