Technology to provide interactivity

For the Interactive Giant Maps we use cutting-edge technology in the fields of communication, entertainment and promotion. Some examples of technologies used in MGI are:

QR Code or other Graphical Markers

QR Code or other Graphical Markers

The Giant Map may contain QR codes or similar that refer to multimedia materials previously programmed into such codes. The codes are editable and updatable at any time to ensure that the information provided is up to date.

360° videos

360° videos

In addition to the promotional videos mentioned above, we can include in the experience 360º videos of any place or space that is indicated to us. This material can be part of the MGI experience or used for independent purposes.



MGI is a support to surprise your customers with the most advanced technologies. To those already mentioned, we can add interaction possibilities through ultraHD screens, bluetooth systems (ibeacon), create specific apps for the project, design fascinating models for Mixed Reality, etc.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality allows you to “holographically” view buildings and landscapes in 3 dimensions. It is a key, differential and exciting component of our Interactive Giant Maps.
Augmented Reality offers a truly unique experience. Users will have the feeling of walking on a map with giant models of all kinds of buildings. There are hardly any limits to place in the MGI any design that pursues the desired objectives: Some of the possibilities are:

  • Monuments
  • Soccer fields
  • Hotels resorts
  • Institutional buildings
  • Natural sites

… and everything that can be digitized!

Virtual Reality Experiences

The use and development of Virtual Reality is growing exponentially in recent years. This technology added to Giant Maps offers a unique immersive experience.

The use and development of Virtual Reality is growing exponentially in recent years. This technology combined with Interactive Giant Maps offers a unique immersive experience.

Users, placed on the destination they want to know, are immersed for a few minutes in the feeling of being really there.

Feel the immersion and excitement of observing a virtual reality world that allows you to live an integral experience, travel to different continents without leaving your location and get to know cultural and social aspects and much more that an Interactive Giant Map can offer.

The specific topics to be emphasized, the geographic components, the map style, the design, etc. are totally flexible. Some of the specific themes that have already been worked on with Giant Maps are:

Augmented Reality Possibilities

Virtual Reality Tour Presentation

Virtual Reality Presentation