The Giant Interactive Maps are a high-impact tool.

We have created a unique concept to show the world the best of the world.

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Ilustracion Mapa
What are they?

Interactive Giant Maps

Interactive Giant Maps are a personalised high-impact communication and promotion tool.

We create gigantographies (large format prints in different media and materials) with which we create campaigns to transmit all kinds of messages in a way never seen before.

The campaigns can have as a central element a map or any other design required, such as infographics, the periodic table of the elements, the water cycle, etc. The size of the gigantographies can range from 30m2 to 300m2. There is no upper limit!

The experience can consist of an itinerant campaign in different cities or the adaptation of any fixed space where thousands of people can enjoy a unique material. Todas ellas ofrecen experiencias visuales y de interactividad inolvidables.

The campaigns with MGI consist of:

Material Multimedia

Multimedia Material



Realidad Aumentada

Augmented Reality

Realidad Virtual

Virtual Reality

Mixed Reality

Relevant campaigns

Play Video about Mapa-Mundi-ODS

ODS World Map

Play Video about Mapamundi-Cooperacion-en-Salamanca

World Map Cooperation in Salamanca

Play Video about Mapa-Gigante-Provincia-de-Malaga

Giant Map Province of Malaga

Success stories

Our purpose is to help all types of organizations and brands to convey their messages and values while generating high social and media impact. We achieve this through the creation of custom-designed campaigns that involve unique elements, such as our interactive billboards, which invite the participation of the general public or specific segments of the population.
We have helped in different areas such as cultural promotion, education, tourism, economic promotion and branding development, etc. These are some of the institutions and brands we have worked with:

Castilla La Mancha

How do the Interactive Giant Maps work?

Once your Giant Interactive Map is created, we can present it in a variety of contexts as needed. The preparation of the materials, including the MGI, takes approximately two hours. The Giant Map is installed in the chosen location and the activities of dynamization are developed in that place. The procedure of interaction with the MGI can be summarized in the following steps:

Different codes and markers contain multimedia information that can be edited at any time.

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While walking on the Map, users use their mobile devices and/or those of our dynamization team to access the interactive components.

Users also share their experience on social networks creating a unique experience.

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Social and virtual interactivity. Education and Entertainment.

Area of action of our solutions

Acciones dentro del Show

Actions within the gigantographic show

The digital component of our MGI offers great versatility of actions that add to the user experience: games, contests, sweepstakes, shows, interactive extensions with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality and product presentations.

Actions throughout the locality

The amazing experience with the Giant Maps can be complemented with activities that will be memorable for all participants.
Artistic-cultural shows, tastings, exhibitions, urban gymkhanas, flashmobs, actions with i-beacons, etc.

Continuity actions

Updating and maintenance of MGI’s digital content, communication campaigns, social networks, contests, specialized consulting, twinning with cities, organization of promotional tours, design of 360º visits and much more.

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Any projects in mind?

Reasons to apply for a campaign with us


Unique designs, customized campaigns and events

Campañas de alto impacto

Unbeatable impact created / budget used ratio

Atencion Personalizada

Personalized attention by specialists


Maximum flexibility to adapt to all needs


Fusion of entertainment, fun and lovemark generation.

Eventos Únicos

Unique designs, customized campaigns and events

Causas Sociales

Sensitive to major social causes


Experiences designed according to the latest neuromarketing developments


New technologies, innovation, award-winning tool, guaranteed success


Emotional experiences remembered by customers/users

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What our customers say

It is exciting to be able to share the beauty of our continent through such an original idea.

Elizabeth Paula Napeyok

Chair of the group of African ambassadors for UNESCO

It's fun to see how children and adults alike enjoy exploring Europe, its institutions and more through this innovative interactive tool.

Christoph Buller

European Commission

The Interactive Giant Map is an excellent pedagogical tool to transmit to students the love for our land.

Adriana Gutiérrez

Government of Cundinamarca

"The map has been a very useful marketing tool in all the actions we have taken it to, which draws the public's attention and invites them to participate. And above all it has been a pleasure to work with the team behind it."


Bárbara Couto

Head of the Cultural Tourism and Content Marketing Area of Turespaña

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