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About Giant Interactive Maps


Contribute to the promotion of tourism, culture, economy and development branding of cities, regions, countries and brands through participatory and interactive urban interventions of great social and media impact.

We are passionate about communication. We all know that what is not communicated well is as if it did not exist. We have been working for more than 15 years with the firm commitment to contribute to the cultural, educational, touristic and economic promotion of brands and organisations.

We live in a time when audiences demand experiences in which they can actively intervene. Technology and an attitude of constant innovation are making this task much easier.

It is now necessary to appeal to the user or customer as an active agent of the community; it is necessary to appeal to their capacity to feel, to build the experience and to be part of the activity itself.

The following proposal is designed to convey to audiences (or potential customers of a brand) the excitement of learning about any aspect of the world.

Any corporate value, product or service, any reason can be turned into a promotional campaign -itinerant or not- to create a connection directly with tens of thousands of people and many through the media.  

At Giant Maps, we have a passion for maps, for geography, for history, in short, for the world around us. Over the years we have discovered that it is a passion shared by millions of people.

Giant Interactive Maps emerged as an agency as a result of this determination to help brands and organisations create positive impact where their products, values, messages, etc. are communicated in a way that participants can make them their own.  

One of our mottos is: "You can't really love what you don't know well".  That is why all our team is oriented to know well, in a big way, what you have to say to the world, whether you are a public or private organisation, a brand, a territory... We put your vision on the Map! 


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Entidades involucradas

GIM Team

Un equipo multidisciplinar que trabaja día a día para ofrecer un servicio y producto de la máxima calidad.


Guadalupe Díaz

Dirección de Logística

Clara Sandino

Equipo GIM

Entities we have worked for

Comision Europea
Total Energies
Marca Espana
Instituto Turismo
Junta de Andalucia
Cooperacion Espanola
Castilla La Mancha

Premios y Logros

Territory Marketing Service

In today’s times, we are totally convinced that having a city-brand, country-brand strategy is essential in today’s times. All territories are now a brand.
They need to define a growth strategy for positioning their heritage, their gastronomy, the natural environment and the most recognized exponents in the arts, the world of the economy and the companies that move societies, sports, etc.


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