We wish to contribute to the touristic, cultural and economic promotion and branding development for cities, regions, countries and brands making use of interactive and participatory urban interventions that have a large social impact.

  • We’re living in a moment where citizens are demanding more and more events to participate actively. Technology is making this easier and also making the organization of these events much more simple. Nowadays it’s not enough to appeal to the attention faculties of the subjects, we need to appeal to their feelings and sentiments, build experiences and make them part of the actual activity.
  • The next objective is designed to convey the emotion of getting to know a city, country or any specific territory…from cities and areas widely known to far away territories.
  • The Giant Interactive Maps are the result of our passion for showing off the beauty of every different part of our world. Its heritage, food, the wildlife and the finest examples in art, in the economic world and the companies that are moving whole societies, sports etc.
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    To achieve this, we try to connect with the inborn human curiosity that makes us interested in the unknown. A few years ago we gave ourselves the task of creating an innovative and simple communication strategy that could show off the attractrive nature and complexity of every territory and ”put them on the map”.
  • We can only truly love what we know properly. And we want thousands of participators to learn to love their city, region or country. Knowing the beauty of where you live lets us achieve the best experiences in life.

GIM Team

A multidisciplinary team that works day in day out to offer maximum quality in our products and services.
Ángel Arenas

Ángel Arenas


Guadalupe Díaz

Guadalupe Díaz

Logistics Director

Clara Sandino

Clara Sandino


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Spanish Cooperation


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